Saturday, May 26, 2012

Abah n rauf - in flight kbr to kul

Posted by rabiahroslan at 10:39 AM
Ni saje2 nyer entry.. Rauf n abah excited (hahaha..abah pun excited naik flight tau..klau boleh,tetiap kali naik flight nk dok tepi tingkap)

So,hopefully kawan2 enjoy the pics - actually this entry ni untuk our reference.nnt ank dah besar,kami dh tua n mayb dah xda.insyaAllah our children will be reading this.
Thank you for looking :)
Hahaha,...hero2 ku yang excited nak naik aeroplane....
hmph......tgk ape tak taulah..Rauf tak berenti2 membebel "aeroplane,aeroplane!!!"
"budak" tua yang excited.hehehehhee
Us..hahahhha..see the expression? super love!!


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