Friday, May 25, 2012

My bamberoo wrap convert to ssc-fishy

Posted by rabiahroslan at 6:41 PM
Ok,today nk citer pasal my wscc bamberoo fish yg daku love,sayang n really great for me carrying Amirul Rauf as for today is 2yrs 4months..
I bought this scc from FSOT - a group at fb that sold new/preloved items that is NOT from any one of the admins n we are so strict about the rules..

Ok,jom back to the topic.bamberoo is one of the brand yg antara yg best.n bamberoo ni kena custom from oversea.i bought this preloved for rm550 with 3x installment.hehe.mana mak ado pitih nk byr rm550 sekaligus.. :)

As u can see,this is standard to petite for toddler ssc.rauf no longer can be carried with my ex anglepax(dh jual)..

Ok,first pic show rauf in front carry position.see his bum?it is M position.mean,dia sedang duduk without any pain or terkangkang.if he is pain,sure dia xleh tdo soundly n peacefully.

Using this ssc,i can carry him up to 3hours non stop..(mak suka window shopping)

Actually a wrap that convert into ssc give u more feeling that the ssc is more secure n not diggy..N give u more time to carry ur toddler-xdelah rasa sakit bahu sgt bila dh carry 3 hours.but then blik umah ade jugak rase sengalnya---> carry a boy at 12kg wehhhh
So,enjoy the picture of my bamberoo

Rauf tdo...sleeping dust in this SSC.heheheh

Nampak ikan berenang-renang? Rauf kalau nk di "carry" dia akan sebut nak fish!nak fish!
tdo nga-nga baik punyer
pandangan dari belakang...
i think he is seated properly.... did he??
Another picture of nga-nga tdo tak hengat donia


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