Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Want to Win Babywearing Gear for Great Cloth Diaper Change Malaysia 2012 CONTEST

Posted by rabiahroslan at 1:31 PM

Assalamualaikum... Alhamdulillah..rabiah masih berkesempatan untuk join Contest yang dianjurkan oleh Great Cloth Diaper Change Malaysia 2012 (fb)or u can search HERE for the blog .. 
The link for this Contest is HERE
Meh nak introduce sket pasal GCDC.. GCDC 2012 kali ini dianjurkan oleh 2 lokasi di Malaysia dan salah satunya adalah di Sungai Buloh iaitu di Mom's Basic Saujana Utama dan diketuai oleh Hanz Jamaluddin dan dibantu oleh mommies yang hot,termasuklah saye..hehehehhee..

The prizes will baby wearing gear!!yeay!!my other addictions..i love baby secure me n my son..n of course creating the bonding between mother n son..N also daddy.hehehe...
The prize have sponsored by two of our local maker baby gear which are :


so,here is the entry; Kalau ada rezeki,insyaAllah..

Cloth diapering to me is
 when i bought kinds of them,explore whats the best for my son,
 when i can say NO to diposable diapers,
 and can see the colourfull world with cloth diapers..

 Pictures can say thousands words on how cloth diapering means to me n my son :)
 Rauf LOVE when its the time to snap in and "lipat-lipat" the Cds..he is a very "GOOD" helper if u can see

 " Yes, i grab all the cd that i want to wear!!"

Helping Ibu....yes...sangat "membantu"...penat ibu nak kemas do all the things again ^^!

Its should be like tree of cloth diapers but how does it be like "lampu mentol?"

 How my cloth diapers meet the sun...
oppsss..Rauf's cd..hehehhe..not Ibu's

 Yeay!! Im happy ive being cloth diapering for 2 years!!!

 Kisses for ur butt..yellow butt


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